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Baikal IZH 94 express dubbel buks basculerende loop met twee lopen cal: .30-06
IZH-94 "EXPRESS" Over-and-Under Hunting Rifle

Derived from the IZH-27M shotgun. Reinforced locking system intended for Magnum ammunition enables the user to fire powerful bullet rounds. If a cartridge load has been changed the mean impact points of each barrel can be zeroed to common center owing to ribless joint of barrel unit, loose fit of bottom barrel and zeroing adjuster. The gun design insures stable accuracy at vigorous firing.
Safety in handling is provided by:
automatic safety which locks sears, when hammers are cocked and prevents accidental discharge when barrels are break-opened;
extra-safety (trigger interceptors) that prevents accidental shot when hammers are released without trigger pull.
Stock and forend are made of first-class beech or walnut.
On separate order comes with:
scope mount;
extra sets of smoothbore and combination barrels.