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Baikal Hagelgeweer Bock cal:12 76mm kamers, 28" looplengte, 3 wisselchokes, enkele trekker en enjectors.
IZH-27E?-1C Double Barrel Over-under Gun

Further upgrading of IZH-27??-1C. Selective trigger for removal of spent shell only, which can be switched off. Single selective trigger.
IZH-27? is distinguished by easy handling and high degree of safety, provided by:
manufacture of barrels from high-quality barrel steel;  chrome-plated barrel bores and chambers, ensuring increased corrosion resistance;  simple and dependable design of locking mechanism;  impactless trigger release;  safety design to lock sears, equipped with additional hammer interceptors;  barrel strength and locking mechanism control in accordance with CIP standards.
Stable grouping is ensured by screw-in chokes intended for different purposes. High-quality walnut and beech are used for manufacturing forend and stock.
Wide range of available options and versions of IZH-27? will satisfy requirements of the most demanding customer and allows choosing a gun with various customer properties for different types of hunting, sport etc.